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1  General Skye stuff / Rulez / Forum Rules - Abide by these. You have been warned. on: March 12, 2008, 10:06:23 pm
All forum users MUST abide by these rules and guidelines. Failure to do so, there will be consequences.

Users will be given warnings when they have broken minor rules. Users will be given infractions if minor rules are constantly broken or when more serious rules have been broken.

A user who receives 3 infractions will receive a temporary 14 day ban. Multiple temporary bans will lead to a permanent ban. However, there is hope. Infractions expire after 1 month.

Users can also be banned immediately for breaking the most serious rules.

Users will receive 1 warning for the following
(though infractions for repeated offenders, or if you do this because you know you will only get a warning):
- Multiple Posts: posting numerous times in a row
- Bumping: posting just to get a topic at the top of a forum, usually with just the word “bump”
- Gravedigging: posting in a topic that has not been posted in for over 2 weeks unless you are the owner of the topic and it is a selling or buying thread.

Scripter Clause: The above three rules do NOT apply in the SCAR (working scripts) section for script authors and coders ONLY.

- Spamming (in general): posting only a few words in a topic such as “lol ok” or something with little to no relevance to the topic; creating topic deemed useless by staff or one solely for the purpose of spamming
- Caps: posting in all caps
- Backseat Modding (mild): posting things like “lock this thread” - basically acting like a mod

Users will receive 1 infraction for the following:

- Multiple warnings
- Misleading Title: making a thread’s title different from its content as to attract attention (i.e. title of “FREE ACCOUNT” with content about some random question, “READ THIS,” etc...)
- Flooding (mild): posting in many threads in a forum in a row
- Posting Multiple Topics: creating many threads about the same thing
- Badmouthing newbies: disrespecting newcomers simply because they are new
- Accusing someone of scamming: without proof (text logs DO NOT COUNT AS PROOF)
- Begging: asking for free RS items, RS accounts, etc...
- Infraction Complaints: making a topic asking about one’s infraction, whining, asking for infraction removal, etc... anywhere except the Dispute Forum

Users will receive 2 infractions for the following:

- Multiple 1 point infractions
- Flaming: excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user
- Discrimination: derogatory comments made towards another's race, religion, gender, etc...
- Referrals: posting referral links for sites, surveys, other games, etc...
- Oversized signature: Oversized signature: Maximum of 350 pixels in height including all quotes/text/pictures in it and a maximum of 550 pixels in width with all text/quotes/pictures. Any advertisements must be under size 4. Vouches in signatures are frowned upon, as they are basically useless unless they are from a highly known/trusted and/or staff member.
- Trying to sell something that is free
- Begging: asking for a rank or modship on SkyeFTW

Users will be banned for 2 weeks for the following:

- Accrual (buildup) of 3 infractions

Users will be banned for 1 month for the following:

- Accrual (buildup) of 6 infractions

Users will be banned permanently for the following:

- ****: posting pictures, videos, links to websites related to ****, etc...
- ****: posting direct downloads to ****, links of websites related to **** - includes: posting full length motion pictures (movies) regardless of whether or not they are in theaters or on dvd, completed seasons of a television show (1-2 episodes due to comical reasons are permitted), shareware programs, cracked shareware programs, cracks/serials for shareware programs, etc...
- Scamming: or any suspicious behavior similar to scamming (i.e. attempting to scam)
- Password Cracking: including the creation, help in creation, use, discussion, and/or distribution of crackers
- Posting infected files: keyloggers, viruses, trojans, etc...
- Account Sharing: only 1 user is allowed to use an account here at SkyeFTW
- Selling Real Life Items: consoles, MP3 players, cell phones, etc...
- Plagiarism: posting someone else’s work and claiming it as one’s own work (i.e. scripts, programs, etc...)
- Avatar/Signature Ripping: using someone else’s signature as one’s own without permission

Thanks for reading, and have a good time at SkyeFTW!

2  General Skye stuff / Rulez / Re: Da Rulez on: March 12, 2008, 10:01:48 pm
Locked, stickied, and updated.
3  General Skye stuff / Account Chat / Re: Your accounts from Ftw Skypkscape or Rs on: March 12, 2008, 10:00:47 pm
Cleaned up thread. Don't post here. Stickied and locked for keeping.
4  General Skye stuff / Tell About Yourself... / Re: Talk about yourself... on: March 12, 2008, 09:51:22 pm

         name: sorry unavaible (lol)

        nickname:say just x0 or x0x0

         skye FTWscape account:x0 0o0o 0x(admin)

           year(s):17 (im not nerd)

           hmmm what else??

            oh yeah last thing eat my SHORTS

               my rs acc name:

                 "sota makkara" and "the--lost-pk" also "kesy range"

                 and im also "jojo300"(it got banned...=(.....thats all....XD

Bullshit you **** liar, you ain't Jojo, if you was, tell me you're other acc names? I lured with you on one of my other mains. You should know that too?
5  General Skye stuff / Tell About Yourself... / Re: All about not a pure k. (read this or you're gay.) on: March 12, 2008, 09:50:13 pm
Well, talking in caps REALLY pisses me off...*hint hint*
6  General Skye stuff / Tell About Yourself... / All about not a pure k. (read this or you're gay.) on: March 08, 2008, 09:56:22 pm
My name is Ash. Ash Vadzias.

I live in Riga, Latvia.

I'm 19.

My birthday is december 12th.

Don't **** me off.

I'm dating Skye. (Yes I am, faggots.)

I'm co-owner of the server.

My real rs account is level 136. (YES IT FUCKIING IS)

I don't care what you think about me.

If you talk bad about me, kneel down on both knees, open your mouth, and suck on my balls.
7  PK Stuff / Clan Recruitments / Supernatural (SN) on: March 08, 2008, 09:52:56 pm
Name is Not A Pure K on server.


90+ combat
Atleast 3 level 100 stats.
Not afraid to die.
Know HOW to pk.

Post response to those here.

8  Contact Ftwskyepkscape staff / Reports / Reporting Not A Pure K on: March 08, 2008, 09:26:29 pm
Reporting myself for PJin. ='[
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